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Run your small business with just a phone

These days, having a mobile-first approach to your business is table stakes. Now, almost everything you need to run your small business — from customer service, to project management to expense and travel management — can be done from a mobile device. Mobile can be a differentiator for smaller companies that have unique business needs. Here are a few of the challenges that can easily be solved by taking a mobile-first approach with your help desk tools:

The CEO = Chief Everything Officer phenomenon.

In smaller companies, everyone at the company often does a little bit of everything to get the job done. Titles are loosely defined and the CEO can also be the COO or lead developer or even the head of customer service. Take the team at GetFeedback, an online survey app, which uses customer service on their phones to keep response times to 15 minutes or less. ”Everyone in our business is critical to delivering an incredible experience to our customers,” noted Kraig Swensrud, co-founder and CEO of GetFeedback. “With mobile anyone can quickly respond to customer requests—anytime, anywhere.”

Need for speed.

In today’s world where everything is connected, customers can instantly voice their opinions about a company through social media and their smartphones, and in turn they also expect the same fast, immediate response from companies they engage with. Regardless of what channel they come from, leaving customer issues unanswered is not an option for small businesses. Having a mobile help desk system solution that allows fast-growing companies to go even faster by responding to these customer questions on-the-go is extremely important for fostering customer trust.

You’re boxing above your weight class.

Having the right tools to level the playing field can help small businesses stay competitive with larger, more established companies for customers. To do this, many small businesses are looking to customer service as a way to differentiate themselves against these larger companies. In fact, according to our customer survey, the number one priority for customers in 2014 was using customer service as a competitive advantage. Having a support ticket system that helps you be the fastest to respond to potential customers can put your small business leaps ahead of the bigger guys. That’s where the power of mobile kicks in. Companies that win today’s customers are those that have both optimized their user experience for mobile devices, in addition to using mobile solutions to engage with and support their customers no matter where they are.

There’s no doubt, running a business is tough, no matter how big you ares. Every company wants to disrupt the marketplace and dreams of being the next big thing in their industry. But to get there, it’s crucial for fast-growing businesses to deliver quick, effortless customer service on every channel—phone, email, social media—and meet customers where they are. And embracing a mobile customer service strategy from the day one is a sure fire way to do this and win the hearts of customers along the way.


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