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Formstack achieves 2274% ROI in two weeks with

Flex pricing and a online support center helped Formstack cut support costs.

“Before customer satisfaction was at 75 percent, and now we’re at 95 percent. It’s the speed and ability of support people to engage and respond to customers in a much better fashion.”

– Duane Hunt, VP of Operations, Formstack

For a small business with limited budget and resources, making sure a growing customer base is always supported can add up quickly on the cost sheet. Formstack, an online form and survey builder, needed a way to get all their employees involved in supporting customers without breaking the bank. The solution: the Flex agent pricing. Now, Formstack can practice whole company support - and save over $166K annually in the process. Read the Nucleus Research ROI Case Study to learn how Formstack improved their support processes and increased agent productivity, all while decreasing costs, by using


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