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GoSquared achieves 1624% ROI in one month with online support center and flexible pricing help GoSquared slash support costs and scale customer service globally.

Salesforce and GoSquared ROI Case Study, by Nucleus Research

For a small business supporting thousands of businesses worldwide, providing personalized customer service without significantly staffing up your support team can be challenging. GoSquared, a fast-growing company offering real-time analytics for websites and apps, needed to scale support for its global customer base, without adding new agents or breaking the bank.

The solution: a support portal and Flex agent pricing. Now their customers can find answers on their own, and GoSquared's lean support team can concentrate on the mode complicated support cases. The company now personalizes every, single customer interaction -- and saves over $71K in annual support costs, too. Read the Nucleus Research ROI Case Study to learn how GoSquared used to improve its support processes and increased agent productivity, all while decreasing costs.

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