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Help Meet the Needs of Your Self-Service Customers

One form of customer service support is self-service support – a low-cost and efficient way to provide accurate information about your product or service to customers.

In fact, according to Forrester, 72% of customers prefer customer service support to resolve their issues over picking up the phone or sending an email. However, according to that same report, only about 52% of customers actually find the information they’re looking for. Below are six steps to creating an amazing customer service support experience so that your online support center is fresh, relevant and optimized to WOW all readers.

1. Periodically update your knowledge base articles

Make sure each knowledge base article has an expiration date. No matter the circumstances, products will change or interfaces will occasionally get a facelift. By setting an expiration date, support teams are constantly encouraged to return to update knowledge base articles with accurate and current information.

2. Improve your customer service support with satisfaction ratings

Add a rating button at the bottom of each article so that customers can share whether or not information was helpful or not. By gauging the rating of each each article, support agents can understand the quality of their customer service support.

3. Optimize your support center for customer service support

Make sure your online support center layout is optimized for the customer’s journey so you can deliver the best customer service support.

4. Example of awesome customer service support

Spaces Heroes is a great example of providing awesome customer service support. Here are 3 reasons why:

  • The Space Heroes support center is fun and designed around their brand. The customer feels they are in their element and overall comfortable with the support center.
  • If a customer can not find the article he/she is looking for, contacting their customer service support agents is one click away. Make sure an escalation path is easily laid out for the customer.
  • “Browse by Topic” is a simple and effectively way layout for customers to easily navigate. With just a few clicks, customers can locate and read the article they are looking for

5. Proactively label customer service support inquiries

If you receive multiple customer inquiries with the same question, label them as “Support Center Candidates” using the labels feature. Make it a habit to review these specific labels with your customer service support team and makes an evaluation if you can turn those inquiries into support center content. By labeling cases, agents are proactively providing the customer service support needed for customers to serve themselves.

6. Optimize your support center for all devices

According to EchoResearch, 50% of smartphone users would prefer to use a mobile customer service support app to try to resolve their support issue before calling a contact center. Provide a consistent multichannel experience and allow customers to solve their own problems on the go.


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