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Social Customer Service

If you’re not thinking about using social customer service, you probably should be. Social media is shifting the customer service and support landscape. Customers have a lot of power, (and they know it) and their voices are amplified by these new channels.

Within minutes, they can tell all of their friends and followers about why they are right or how they’ve been wronged. A customer experience – whether good or bad – can affect businesses in real-time, enhancing or damaging reputation.


So why the resistance?

There is still a need for transformation of the culture. Many businesses don’t understand the value of social customer service and how to properly adopt social media, so they create a less open communication platform on just traditional service channels. But in the social world that’s open to over 6 million voices, the old system doesn’t work anymore. There’s a conversation happening about your company somewhere in the social realm regardless of whether you have an official presence there. The customer revolution is about reintroducing relevancy in your relationship with your social customer. You need to be where your customers are.

How to Provide Great Social Customer Service

One of the biggest shifts that must take place is a shift in corporate mindset. You need to demote the old way of thinking of customer service — as a cost center — and start thinking about it as an “opportunity center.” Creating a company-wide change like this is no easy task, but with a conscious approach to social media, you can build a consistent customer service experience.

Develop Your Strategy

Many businesses fail to realize the strategic opportunity of using service as a vehicle to grow and keep customers. Your customer strategy is best built by getting to know your customer and asking them the questions that matter so you can provide customer service excellence.

Listen to your Customers

When your customers talk, are you listening? The main goal of social media and customer service is to help your customer resolve an issue. So if your customer is reaching out for help, you need to be at the right place at the right time to assist.

Handle a Social Crisis

Is your company prepared to handle a customer service problem in a public forum? The best way to handle a social media crisis is respond customer service complaints quickly and transparently. Here are five steps to manage customer service complaints on social media.

Collect Customer Feedback

It’s important to listen to the VOC (voice of the customer), or what customers are saying about your business. Also, listening to the VOIC (voice of internal customer) can provide insight about customer problems and internal efficiencies.

Adopt a Social Customer Service App

Adopting a social customer service application that keeps track of more than just the basics will be critical in providing a better customer experience. Studies have shown that when companies upgrade and switch to an online help desk, productivity goes up and service requests go down, therefore costs go down. The main benefit of social customer service is that you can leverage customer service tools to create better experiences and advocacy. The more businesses use customer service tools to create better interactions, rather than a “push” marketing tool, a higher percentage of customer interactions are successful.

Providing social customer service means breaking down barriers between you and your customer. And breaking down barriers requires a company-wide effort. When you put a focus on social customer service, processes and workflows are more efficient, faster and replicable — and customers will notice.


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