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Creating a social support strategy for improved customer service

We know that voices are amplified exponentially today due to the rise of social. In order to keep all of your customers happy, we've selected these six things your team should think about when creating your social customer service strategy:

Today’s customers have a lot of power — and their voices are amplified exponentially on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social channels. Not only do they research and interact with brands online, but they’re vocal about sharing their opinions. Most companies recognize the need to make social a part of their customer service strategy, and that they need to involve all of their employees — but they aren’t always sure how to get started or how to make customers happy on social. Here are the 6 things to consider as you set your social support strategy: Create social accounts that represent you brand by choosing a relevant handle, a consistent tone, and design; use social to help your customers faster by providing a short answer to their problem, staffing your accounts 24/7 and keep a list of shortened links to the most popular/helpful support content; remember that social content is public so create guidelines for everyone communicating with customers, take any private conversations to direct messaging or email, and answer everyone politely and quickly (even the haters); use social to help guide your product strategy by asking your customers for feedback through contests and surveys, monitor any conversations about your product, and keep an eye out for competitive campaigns, innovations and conversations; form a social crisis management plan on each social channel to make sure that every team is on the same page; and choose a customer service tool so that you can integrate social with your other service channels and get notifications real-time whenever anyone tweets, Facebook messages or interacts with you on any channel.


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