To grow faster as a small business, it’s critical to find the right help desk solution. Your customer service solution should never slow you down, but always enable your company to deliver fast, awesome customer support as you grow. Positioning small businesses for growth right from the start is what we do, and this ability to scale quickly is unique to Compared to our Zendesk competitor, this scalability as support needs increase is a key benefit of choosing to deliver on customer care. With an intuitive agent console, service productivity tools, a cutting-edge mobile app, an easy-to-use help center, and intelligent reports and analytics, helps small businesses quickly deliver awesome customer service — anytime, anywhere.

Unlike other help desk solutions, lets you:

Deliver customer service in seconds

  • Get up and running in hours without IT help or training with’s easy, out-of-the-box setup.
  • Quickly identify which channel support cases come from (email, native chat, Twitter, phone, etc), and manage and track all customer interactions.
  • Provide agents with easy access to knowledge base content without ever having to leave the agent console.
  • Leverage our native chat tool from within the agent console, where you can access customer data. Your agents can personalize their responses in real time with customers on your website or help center. helped us offer amazing service through 1,000% growth.

Barkbox - Danielle Mavea, General Manager of Social Good

Get the tools you need to move faster

  • Use exclusive productivity tools including channel-intelligent macros, customized business rules, and workflows to quickly resolve cases across every channel.
  • See key performance indicators and drill down into case data with our native reporting engine. Filter any report to include or exclude parameters like channel or customer record fields and graph metrics side-by-side. Identify real-time trends, optimize your support organization, and fuel product innovation.
  • Use our advanced help center settings to manage unique help centers for multiple brands from the same interface. Customize your help center with templates and offer a branded self-service experience that is mobile-optimized.
  • Quickly connect data from business-critical apps like JIRA and Olark, and effortlessly integrate with Salesforce so you can provide a great customer experience every time.
  • Take advantage of our WOW team of dedicated support members who know how to code and understand the product at all levels so you can get the most out of
It took just six weeks for our investment to pay back, and we achieved ROI of 1262%.

DealerFire - Aaron Schinke, VP of Product Development & Mkg

Save money with flex agent pricing

  • Pay only for what your business uses with Flex Agent Licenses instead of paying for a full license/user.
  • Enable full company support so employees in development, product management, marketing, sales, and engineering can work together to help customers. helped us cut support costs by 60%. It’s been a huge savings for us.

Formstack - Duane Hunt, Vice President of Operations

When you look at vs. Zendesk it’s clear: helps small businesses deliver awesome service and grow faster than ever. Leading startups including Munchery, HotelTonight, and Barkbox use to deliver amazing customer service.