Easy to setup and use.

“It took just six weeks for our investment to pay back, and we achieved ROI of 1262%.”

DealerFire – Aaron Schinke, VP of Product Development & Marketing


Desk.com customers get up and running fast — in an average of just 2 days. Set up is so easy that you don’t need an IT department to help out. And, your agents will love their experience with Desk.com. It’s easy to help customers on multiple channels — including web, email, social, and chat — and to see which one an inquiry is from. Agents can easily access the internal knowledge base, and with channel-intelligent macros and workflows they can quickly get back to customers with the information they need and keep every case moving forward.

Customers can help themselves.

“After switching to Desk.com, we cut support costs by 60%. It’s been a huge savings for us.”

Formstack – Duane Hunt, Vice President of Operations


Many customers like to find their own answers, and when you make your knowledge base available on a branded self-service site, it’s easy for them to help themselves. The Desk.com help center is fully integrated into our product, so it’s easy for you to share knowledge base information with customers. We include content weighting so you can always be sure that you’re presenting the right content to your customers.You can embed video in your Desk.com support site with no security risk and easily manage multi-lingual content. Sites are automatically optimized for mobile so they can even find answers from their phones. You can even support multiple brands with Desk.com.

Make better decisions.

“We use customer feedback to make better products.”

ZenPayroll – Steve Johnsen, Compliance and Support Lead


Desk.com gives you the business insights you need to improve your support team performance, identify trends in customer issues, and make smart decisions. With all of your analytics working for you, you can deliver an outstanding customer experience every time. Desk.com’s business insights let you customize your KPIs and drill down on key metrics. Do more than just track support team performance — measure every aspect of your business. You can also easily survey customers from within Desk.com to measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) and adjust your products and services over time.

Integrate with Salesforce.

“Bringing together sales and service is helping us drive new levels of efficiency.”

Carlo’s Bakery – Leo Minervini, CIO


Easy connection with Salesforce makes it easy to see customer information from Salesforce when you’re working in Desk.com or push leads and customer information into Salesforce. And, if you’re working in Salesforce you can view current and past cases by customer, or create new support cases in Desk.com. The ability to add notes makes it easy for teams to work together and collaborate to help customers. You can also run business rules in Desk.com based on information in Salesforce, so you can make sure that your best customers are always taken care of.

Scale as you grow.

“Our company has grown exponentially, but Desk.com has made us so efficient that we only had to add one additional support agent.”

Rdio – Nathan Deeds, Community Support Manager


With an easy growth path from Desk.com to Service Cloud, Salesforce is the only company that provides a clear path for customers to scale support with business growth. From small businesses to large enterprises, Salesforce meets any customer service need, from simple to complex and everything in between. Desk.com also offers unique pay-by-the-hour flex agent pricing so everyone in your company can help with support during busy times.

When you look at Desk.com as a Zendesk alternative it’s clear: Desk.com helps small businesses deliver awesome service and grow faster than ever. Leading startups including Rdio, Carlo’s Bakery, HotelTonight, Munchery, and One Kings Lane use Desk.com to deliver amazing customer service.

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