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The agent console helps your agents work faster

Looking for an alternative to Zendesk and other point solutions? The agent console has all the tools you need to improve agent productivity and get more done.’s agent console is the home of the universal inbox where agents can handle cases from multiple channels — including web, email, Facebook, and Twitter — in one place. Multiple agents work out of the same console and cases can be easily filtered and routed to the correct agent so they can pick up, hand off, and respond to customers as a team. You can also find details such as company and customer information directly within cases. Agents can also perform searches on cases within the console. Read on to hear more about how lets you help customers faster so you can reduce support costs and make customers happier.

Case management

Route inquiries to the right agents and keep them all organized with intelligent tools that automatically collect and organize customer interactions from every channel and help you close cases in record time. Filters arrange your cases into dynamic queues for easy organization and prioritization so when agents log in to the console, they can dive right into their cases, prioritized based on business needs. You can also create business rules to automatically assign cases, escalate time-sensitive ones, or identify high priority customers. Or categorize cases with labels for easy sorting and reporting, and use custom fields to add information unique to your business such as customer ID or product purchases.

Productivity tools

Workflows and automation help you speed through repetitive tasks and frequently asked questions so you can focus on complex ones. Create rules for everything from automatically assigning certain types of cases to a particular agent to bcc’ing your CEO on VIP issues. You can also rely on macros to issue pre-written responses that you use over and over and to perform multiple actions with just one click. Work more efficiently by using bulk updating to make many changes at once. You can respond to customers faster when you resolve multiple cases with one click. And, a variety of shortcuts help you move cases toward resolution faster.

Next Gen Agent

Speed matters in today’s market, and it’s only going to get more important. Unlike point solutions,’s Next Gen Agent was designed to help your agents work faster and be more productive than ever. For example, now there is a three-panel case detail view so agents see complete customer and case information in one screen, eliminating the need to switch between tabs. Also, we’ve improved our Gmail-inspired keyboard shortcuts, expanded case preview to include entire case history, and made it easier to create cases with improved agent workflow. We’ve also improved the ability to sort columns, and to add/remove columns in the Next Gen Agent. Now you can simply drag and drop columns to where you’d like them, and select which columns you’d like to see with the click of a button.

Knowledge base management

We also significantly improved our knowledge base interface. We integrated multi-lingual support directly into the knowledge base, so that businesses supporting customers in multiple languages can sort and filter by language, making it much easier to find country-specific articles. We incorporated brands into the knowledge base to help keep multiple support centers organized. Agents can now choose to copy an article or a link and then paste either directly into the case.


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