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Looking for a Zendesk alternative?

Need an honest Zendesk review? As a point solution, Zendesk's pricing model makes it difficult to add features and agents.'s model is designed for the changing needs of smaller businesses, making it powerful, scalable, and supremely affordable.

Need an honest Zendesk review? Zendesk customers report:

  • Difficulties getting started and using. But unlike Zendesk, is easy to setup and implement, supercharging agent productivity. While Zendesk's agent interface has been called "cumbersome,” has a cleaner UI and is designed for speed. It’s easy for agents and admins to customize with pre-configured workflow rules, plus integration capabilities that will prepare your business for any type of growth.
  • An inflexible knowledge base. As a point solution, information from the Zendesk knowledge base is not shared between agents and the self-help site. Today’s customers like to find their own answers, so including your knowledge base on a branded self-service site makes it easy for them to help themselves. The help center is fully integrated into our product, so it’s simple for you to share knowledge base information with customers. With you can even support multiple brands in the same help center.
  • Insufficient business insights. It’s important to glean insight from your support data, and Zendesk’s offering is minimal., on the other hand, gives you the business insights you need to improve your support team performance, identify trends in customer issues, and make smart decisions. Unlike Zendesk, we include pre-configured insights so you can quickly see the KPIs that matter most to you.
  • Loose Salesforce integration. Although Zendesk claims to connect to Salesforce, only offers true integration and the ability to share a 360-degree customer view. As your business grows, your support needs will too. Plus, when you require additional customization and integration that point solutions don’t deliver, you can effortlessly migrate to Service Cloud with continued integration.
  • Limited pricing options for scaling a business. Zendesk's pricing model makes it difficult to add features and agents.'s model is designed for the changing needs of smaller businesses, as well as for seasonal peaks, making the product scalable and affordable. offers pay-by-the-hour flex agent pricing so everyone in your company can help with support during busy times. The All-in-One Help Desk Solution

Ready to maximize agent productivity and *wow* your customers? helps you make customers happier than ever. It has everything you need to offer fast, awesome customer service on every channel and device.

How is different? With you can:

  • Help customers faster. Manage cases and help customers at record speed with out-of-the-box support.
  • Make better decisions. Bring all your data together and get the insights you need to make faster, smarter decisions.
  • Help customers help themselves. Share your knowledge on a self-service site so your customers can find their own answers.
  • Maximize agent productivity. Sleek dashboards, alerts, and other features give agents the tools they need to earn 5-star reviews.
  • Scale as you grow. Easily upgrade to Service Cloud when you need more capabilities and customization.


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